Sandra El Watson
Sandra El Watson
Co-Founder / Creative
Sandra has been working in writing (articles, screen writing, non-fiction) for more than 15 years. She also has worked with in child care facilities, handicapped day homes. Sandra and Dave have been together for 42 years and have raised 3 bright and successful children.
Dave Watson
Dave Watson
Co-Founder / Developer
Dave has been working with computers and the internet for over 20 years, and using computers since his teens. With a background in Sales, Management, the Military as well as computers and networking. He has more interests than time.


A Poem For Your Thoughts, In August

Time does not have a name
neither timelessness.
But an awakening may arrive
in a moment newness may begin,
our passage through our time
makes me think and think again.
Is that the way I wish to be?


Wonder does not have an accent
As fragrnace lacks much definition.
Blossoms crisp and clear
in gardens of our time,
A world of wonders speaks from beyond
moving foreward, yet remain unknown.
Where do we wish to go?

 Rain does not have a colour                                       As sunshine changes view.                               Reflection fleeting teaches much
 the rules of life are different now.
 We visualize concentrate work to be aware   
 much is invisible, attitude is important.
 Life is changing, are you ready?

David S. Watson



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