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Highway 97 Journal

Seeks to help communities with the John Hart highway of the Regional District of Fraser Fort George an area from Salmon valley in the south all the way to the Mackenzie Junction in the north. Our Hope is to make a difference to those living here as well as any travellers that may be visit.and travellers who may visit by help everyone concerned to connect, and create a strong extended community.

Crazy Poem...

Ladies and Gentlemen come to the show,
The tickets are free,
Pay at the door,
So pull up a seat,
And sit on the floor,
I'll tell you a story,
I never heard before,
Late yesterday,
In the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight,
Back to back,
They faced each other,
Drew their swords,
And shot each other,
A deaf policeman,
Heard the noise,
And came and shot,
The two dead boys,
If you don\'92t believe,
That the story is true,
Ask the three blind mice.
They saw it too.:}

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