McLeod Lake Indian Band

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The McLeod Lake Band is part of the Tse'Khene Nation (People of the Rocks) with a long history in the area. Their origins come out of the Athabascan speaking people of northern Canada. Originally a nomadic hunting and gathering people.

Living on the edge of the Rocky Mountains they learned to be a proud and self-sufficient people, who recognized that all people are equal regardless of name and ancestry. Their members are spread out over a vast area with the main community living adjacent to the community of McLeod Lake.

The Tse'khene first encountered the explorer Alexander MacKenzie on his journey to the pacific in 1797, and in 1805 the first trading post in the area was erected on McLeod Lake at the Pack River by the explorer Simon Fraser. Their traditional territory encompasses an area from Summit Lake through the Rocky Mountains to Chetwynd.

Over the years their way of Life changed dramatically as society at large changed, this of course greatly impacted all parts of their society. In 2000 the McLeod Lake Indian Band agreed to and signed on to "Treaty 8", providing them with a more prosperous and self-sufficient way into the future. They continue to diversify their local economic activities through Band-Owned Businesses, while maintaining ties to their past and a strong belief in their potential future. This has brought new pride, self-reliance and independence.

Their guiding principle going into the future is: 

“Wu'tun'e wee'zooh yi'yalh, whes'keghe s'o ududeh'chi oo's'o ghu'nuyelh'o.”   

Making sure the footprints we leave behind are the ones our children will be proud to walk in.