I give thankful gratitude for some of the following information provided by Seth at Dictionary.co.ilamen1.png
There has been some controversy over the word, "amen" as used in English prayer. I suspect it's owing to the sad fact that many a young person, deprived of prayer and any opportunity to practice their chosen or inherited faith have limited understanding. Indeed "amen" does sound like "a man", but the Hebrew word for man is Hoo and the Hebrew word for woman is Hee.

I know! I had a hard time with that one, too. You can even make jokes about it. Who is Hee? She is. That's who. And Me means Who? But I'm way too much digressing.

The Hebrew word Amen is spelled: Aleph, Mem, Nun, read right to left, looks like this:  amen2.png 

It's used as an affirmation, kind of like when Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek Next Generation says, "Make it so!"

amen3.pngThe shoresh (root) of amen is the same spelling and builds onto words like:

eh-moo-nah which means faith
na-eh-MAHN which means faithful
mah-ah-MEEN which means believe
And in Modern Hebrew the word, "reliable" is:

So you can see further the connections, it's also related to words that relate to practicing a skill like:

to train/coach someone is le-ah-MEHN
to practice is le-heet-ah-MEHN
an artist/artisan is oo-MAHN

It makes sense that it takes faith to practice any particular skill or ability. It makes sense that one plan accordingly, say it with conviction, (or as much as they
can muster) and then go for the gusto! And when things seem to go wrong and your best made plans are squashed, you can always shout, "Ah Man!!"


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