Everyone’s talking about the “New Normal”. I hear many people saying how nothing about the way we were living ever was normal in the first place. There was no home and no family. What was the facade of a home was just a “shell” of a place. Families ate their meals on the run, their cars running, breathing in the exhaust from the vehicle ahead them, just to get something called “food”, but was it really? And how many of us, my generation included, never had the experience of growing anything, save for something in grade one that we can’t even remember.normal.png

Normal? Let’s consider if we go back to that kind of normal, to what kind of life will we be condemning our children and children’s children? Are our big box stores not already brimming with all of the essentials of life? Do we not have so much food in our developed nations that we can easily feed The Whole?!

Although we utilize the cold hard intellect that is locked inside the machine we call The Internet, are we not human? 

systems.jpg What does it really mean to open up the U.S. Economy? Indeed, what does it mean to open up “any” economy to burn and burn the   carbon fuels and overeat and over consume ourselves to extinction?

 How much do we need? What is it we really need? Do you think it might be connection among all of our peoples?

Sandra EL

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