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Feb 13, 2021, 5:02 PM
If you’ve ever had a strong compelling force to do something that just doesn’t seem to make any sense, then you know what a war can go on inside of you. Such examples have occurred throughout history. People pushing the boundaries of their limits. Climbing mountains, flying planes, building all sorts of devices. There exists something within the human spirit that will not allow it to rest. It seeks to go deeper, to find itself, in all kinds of ways, in many places. But can you imagine. Just stop for a moment, really, stop for this one: Can you imagine being trapped in a mirror for a year? That is what happened to Akiane Kramarik, a remarkable artist who has visions and lives them. She is known as a prodigy, her talent showing itself at a very young age.
Jul 13, 2020, 3:26 PM
Do you have words that come down from the chasm between now and those nostalgic moments of your childhood? Words that were repeated by your mother or father or grandparents? Do they come up on a regular basis? Why do you think that is? What are these words that resurface again and again? How do they give meaning to your life? If you have any answers to these questions we'd love to hear from you. In the meantime let me share a phrase that was coming up a lot for me lately. It came from my grandma. Before I share her words, let me brief you on a few key points in her history.
May 17, 2020, 5:59 PM
The source of the proverb isn't certain, but its truth is as old as what it means to be human. Long ago, people relied on their tribes to survive. They relied in real physical ways. There was no way that they could say, "Let's practice physical distancing." If they had, they would have died from the reality that life at a distance is no life at all. People require touch. Not the kind of "manufactured touch" that often comes from apparently "trained" professionals. My grandmother could give a foot massage that I had never received after paying $60 an hour from a professional.