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Feb 14, 2021, 10:11 AM
Many residents in small(er) BC communities have criticised recycling initiatives in BC for not collecting all or sometimes any materials in their communities. Some of those communities have also seen items which were previously taken suddenly no longer accepted. Many rural areas now require residents to drive their recyclable items an hour or more into larger centres to bins or the dump which already gets significant use due to increased population in the larger centres. In some communities the number of bins have in recent years been reduced. In other cases due to isolated vandalism, the bins have been take away completely. Our community, it seems is one of those. When Our Community Commission first asked about our last bin, we were told it needed to be repaired. Then after a couple of months we asked again and were told the repair wasn’t complete due to the whole COVID thing. A few weeks back we again decided we needed to ask, and today, we were told it's not coming back because it has needed multiple repairs in the last few years and our use is lower than many other places.