unity1.pngSo much can be made well again if we come into harmony with nature. I’m appreciative of the unification efforts by world unity groups who understand that our world is ONE (Echad) and creating artificial boundaries only hurts us all.

You know, there are Monarch Butterflies that travel all the way from Mexico to far up north, even as far as Bear Lake’s parallel and then back again south before winter and when I think of that, I wonder how we could ever be in the position we are now, with so much lack of tolerance and respect for other human beings.

Here’s an except from Rav Michael Laitman’s article as Published on Medium entitled, A Reality of Uncertainty I like to watch TV shows about nature. When you look at how animals behave, you see that although their whole lives revolve around eating other animals or escaping other animals that want to eat them, there is perfect balance. There is no hatred among them; there is simply a natural mechanism that makes nature work in perfect harmony and life thrives.

Humans, however, are devoid of balance. We eat too much, accumulate stuff we don’t need, throw out perfectly good stuff, and litter the planet. While half the world is
overweight, the other half is starving.

And worst of all, we are killing one another, abusing one another, tormenting one another, and taking pleasure in humiliating other people. We are hateful beings, the
only hateful beings in all of nature. And in this, we are in conflict with nature, completely opposite from it.unity2.png

While all of nature functions as an integral system whose elements are connected and dependent on each other, we act as if we are separate beings, apart from the rest of humanity and the rest of nature, when the truth is the exact opposite. And because we feel this way, we are wrecking our home.
Hearing the above may be a hard pill to swallow, but it is the truth. You can follow the link to read more.

Please have a good day and remember kindness in all intentions and actions.

Here is a link to futher information:     ​​​​​​​Reality Of Uncertainty    

Sandra EL

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