People are always looking for something: Useful...  
In times past, if we were unable to speak with someone in person, letters were written. Moving forward we used telegraphs, and then moving forward again we started using the telephone and fax machines. Now we use the internet, emails and texting. In 'the old days' many people didn't bother contacting others unless it was in person if they did not have something important to say...
Fast-forward through the years, today we send information around the globe whether it is important or not without thinking twice. There have been wonderful improvements to our methods and it seems that people are finally starting to understand that something need not be important to everyone, as long as it is important to us, hopefully others will also see value. So in effect the WORDS we say are always useful, to the right people.

Timely Articlez

Our world has suffered for months now. It's not the worst thing we've suffered through. But suffer we have, some more than others, and that suffering is not over, until its over. 
We all have issues within our lives, it's not what we want but they are common. Time and history have show us many times over that people need people. We are social beings, be it in our DNA or Gods will, the choice is yours.  Experience has shown us over time that one on the best ways to overcome suffering whether it is from a simple problem or from a pandemic such as we are in the middle of is to connect with others as often and in as many ways as possible. The simple act of connecting / helping / working with others alleviates much of the impact of that suffering. In so doing this we begin to feel the tremendous effect that our connections make on others but also on ourselves. In these times I believe we have all seen how great an effect our WORDS can have for and on others. 

Interesting Viewpointz

Our views are integral to us as individuals, we all feel certain ways about specific things. Your views do not have to agree with others. But we all have feelings. whether they stem from our nature or from our nurturing. At times they are even a combination of both. Everyone needs to be given the chance to hear others views... just as we all need to be given the chance to have ours heard.
For some that takes a great deal of planning and preparation and for others it seems to come naturally. In either case the fact that we are willing to provide our viewpoints on matters make them important, if to no one but ourselves. If the view being offered provides accurate and timely information it makes them that much better for all who hear or read those views. They stir feelings and often reverberate far more than we realize. They have an impact in many ways and at many times the decisions that flow from our WORDS has a tremendous effect on others.



You Don’t Need To Be Perfect To

Inspire Others.


Let People Get Inspired By How You

Deal With Your Imperfection.”


Connecting Communitiez

Making connectionz really does help to increase our happiness.  When we are with others we feel more positive, which leads to greater sense of happiness. When we are happier, we have better relationships, which again tends to make us more positive and self-confident… Which in turn makes us want to connect more often…

Your friend gets your joke. Your family member listens to how your day went. A co-worker helps you to finish something on time. You give your better half a big hug. Theses things all help you bust stress and boost you well-being.  Humans are social: We crave the feeling of being supported, valued and connected.
Connectionz take many forms:

    •    Giving or getting help,
    •    Provide or receive emotional support,
    •    Helping someone by offering a perspective,
    •    Letting others know how you feel,
    •    Finding out you can rely on someone.

The benefits of connecting with others is well documented. It leads us to better health and a longer happier life. Everyone Needs Support! In our recent trying and difficult times often the only thing we have been able to offer is our WORDS, and they mean more than you often comprehend.


Having some sort of plan is one of the most effective ways of helping others. 
Plans enable us to handle unforeseen things that happen, by providing us with a general path to proceed along.
First and foremost, decisions need to be made about what we are trying to accomplish. Later if it's decided that more need's to be done we can further coordinate our responses and proceed with what we feel is most appropriate.
Our information needz to be concrete, clear, factual and timely. Anyone who wants to provide information must abide by and within the same rules. Spokespeople must always be on the same page, providing similar information and viewpoints.
A clear understanding of what needz to be done is the most effective means to attain our goals and tasks.
We must always keep in mind that it is vital to effectively setup a clear command, control and communications path to ensure that we respond appropriately using similar WORDS... 





Whether through Nature, Science or Spirituality;

Our presence of thought radiates with the Light of Hope,

In a Darkening World,

Let those who have ears to hear, listen;

Let those who eyes to see, Look;

Let those who minds to think, Contemplate;

Truth is there for all those who wish to Discover it.

What are our sources and our points of reference?

A river cannot exist without a source,

It is by living that we Discover Life and our Points of Reference.

Look to the fine points of your Psyche, in Silence and Contemplation,

These will align you with your Imagination.

All of Mankind is Born of Them.

With them Humans and our Societies can Change,

With Purposive Collective Action.

Without Imagination there no story to be told.