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It's Not Who We Are That Holds Us Back, It's Who We Think We're Not.
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Today, our very rights and human freedoms around the world are being challenged by a “Hidden Agenda" which includes a “mysterious virus” that arrives on the scene of the World and THEY say (whoever they are) have a miraculous cure for it. For us. Let’s get right into this, shall we? Rabbi Alan Anava, you can find him on Youtube, says (I’ll paraphrase) What, you think the Devil’s gonna show up with horns or something? A big burnt bloody orange face? No! He’s gonna show up in a suit! Rabbi Anava goes on to speak about Mar’eat eyin. (I tried my best to write it in English) It means “Eye Catching”. What they’ve done is stuck it right in our faces. The masks. They have induced such a fear-- I’m supposed to write this article and I’m at a loss for words. It leaves me, for a moment, speechless.
Can I ask you a serious question? Where are you in front of a computer screen, in a body, in your home, in a city, somewhere else on the planet? Are you in love, in pain? What is all this stuff that you see and you feel? What's it for? Where are you and why are you there? If you   really think about it, it's pretty clear that the answer to those questions holds the answer to…
What the ‘Internet of Things’ is in the easiest definition I can offer: Is basically “a connection point to the internet”, thereby allowing it to be connected to your existing cell phone, home computer, a computer at work or anything else on the internet. Specifically, it refers to the multitude of devices and applications that are becoming increasingly pervasive in our society and how these things can work…
If you think of your ancestors, who or what comes to mind? People far away removed in time?Long forgotten remnants of bygone years? Mere shadows of what was? It turns out that their problems, their realities, are actually existing in some form with you now. There are positives and negatives to all of this. And there’s much scientific evidence to be had on the subject of genetic memory, but to give one…
If you’re struggling with raising a family, you don’t have much time for anything. Been there done that. And the situation is now complicated by an invisible “thing” that is changing the way we live. On the education front, there is some good news coming from Professor Sanjay Sarma who is head of Open Learning at MIT. What do you think is the most…
It can happen. The very act of pouring a pure cold glass of water from the antique pitcher into a fine crystal glass and then drinking it down, cold and flowing as deep as if drinking from the eternal wellspring of life. It can happen. The very act of stooping at the familiar and safe creek, where the water rushes fast and is as cold as arctic, yes, ancient arctic, all the while, stooping, then kneeling like a child on…
I’ve witnessed a lot of gimmicks in my life, but the biggest of all is how they’ve faked time. They’ve done it with everything. Home improvement books offer DIY’s “Weekend Projects” that can’t possibly be completed in a weekend unless you’re a pro in the field or have a team of people working with you and for some amazing miracle, you have all the necessary equipment to get the job done.…
You’ve probably heard of the term, “homeschooling”, but have you heard of “unschooling”? If you think about it. Learning should be life-long. It shouldn’t begin at a certain time and end as the clock dictates. Learning is fluid, non-linear and individual. It should be passionate and alive with the curiosity born in everyone. From the site, Zen Habits, (I’ll put a link below), in an article…
Govern Mental Hoola Hoopla. If you haven’t already heard, it was created by the Canadian Government at around the “turn of times” as I’ll call it. The time before the Covid announcement. The program of which I am referring was something exciting, of economic significance, or so it seemed.. To my humble knowledge and memory, I had first heard about it sometime at the end of 2019 or…
​​​​​​​I guess that depends upon who you ask, but recently this August 2020, I saw a news article with a picture of a child being arrested. The news report said, “Child’s wrists too small for handcuffs.” This happened in Florida where a webcam showed the 8 year old child inside a school being handcuffed. Apparently, according to news reports, he had been…
Jebbadiah had gnarled fingers. His heart was bad. His toes were cold. He couldn't even scratch his itch. But one thing for sure, he knew about the snowman. He learned about the snowman from Oui-do Pickett: The Best Chicken Farmer in the WHOLE world. According to Oui-Do, of course. One day, a long time ago when Jebbadiah could still jump five feet in the air and eat a dozen eggs in a sitting, he…
If you’ve ever had a strong compelling force to do something that just doesn’t seem to make any sense, then you know what a war can go on inside of you. Such examples have occurred throughout history. People pushing the boundaries of their limits. Climbing mountains, flying planes, building all sorts of devices. There exists something within the human spirit that will not allow it to…
It's 1921 and you're a woman with serious problems. You've lost two of your three children to illness and the third isn't far off. Your husband, Jack, a local dog musher couldn't hack it and just dropped you and your son off on the Seward Peninsula. The only thing you can do is walk; so walk you do. 40 miles. All the way back to Nome, a Gold Rush town near your birthplace of Spruce Creek. We're…
Many residents in small(er) BC communities have criticised recycling initiatives in BC for not collecting all or sometimes any materials in their communities. Some of those communities have also seen items which were previously taken suddenly no longer accepted. Many rural areas now require residents to drive their recyclable items an hour or more into larger centres to bins or the dump which already gets significant use…
So much can be made well again if we come into harmony with nature. I’m appreciative of the unification efforts by world unity groups who understand that our world is ONE (Echad) and creating artificial boundaries only hurts us all. You know, there are Monarch Butterflies that travel all the way from Mexico to far up north, even as far as Bear Lake’s…
I have to figure out how to begin with all this; so I think I’ll just start with a source called JewishBoston on the Internet. The article is called, Idols We’re not Allowed to Worship and Why Not. There are three sections I will quote: “As we are well aware, the Egyptians worshiped many gods, including Babi, the god of baboons, and Sobek, the god of crocodiles. On the other hand, there was the Egyptian sun goddess…
It's Not What We Have Or Have Not, It's What We Choose To Do With Those Things.
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"People Think A Soul Mate Is Their Perfect Fit,
And That's What Everyone Wants.
But A True Soul Mate Is Your Mirror,
The Other Half Of You.
The Person Who Shows You Everything,
Even The Things You Don't Like.
The One Who Brings You To Your Own Attention,
So You Can Change Your Life.
A True Soul Mate Is The Most Important
Person You'll Ever Meet,
Because They Tear Down Your Walls,
And Help You To Wake-Up"

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Bear Lake, BC
Bear Lake Enjoys a unique location along Highway 97 (John Hart Highway) located approximately 110 km (70 miles) north of Prince George. Its nearest neighbour is Crooked River Provincial Park, with its very popular camping and day use facilities available for residents and travellers alike. Also close by you will find Hart Lake Provincial Park and Crystal Lake Provincial Park. Facilities within Bear Lake include the Commission office, Post Office, Fire Hall, Ambulance Service, local motel, general store with gas, diesel & propane availability, as well as a local take out food stand.
McLeod Lake, BC
Located approx. 140 km (87 mi) north of Prince George on Highway 97. Its closest neighbour is the McLeod Lake Indian Band and close by you will also find Carp Lake and Whiskers Point Provincial Parks. There is a general store as well as a motel and also some rental cabins in the area. It is notable for being the first continuously inhabited European settlement west of the Rocky Mountains in Present-day Canada. Originally named 'Trout Lake Fort' it was founded by Simon Fraser in 1805, it was also know as 'La Malice Fort' for a short while and then Fort McLeod which is a National Historic Site in Canada since 1953.
Summit Lake, BC
Summit Lake is on the continental divide between the Pacific and Arctic watersheds. The area is well known for having more than 40 km of undeveloped public shores. With a range of recreation opportunities including fishing, swimming, boating as well as hiking trails. Nearby is the well known Teapot Mountain, and the historic Giscome Portage Trail which leads to the Huble Homestead on the Fraser River. There is also a Privately owned Campground and RV Park as well as many beautiful views.
We Suffer More In Our Imaginations, Than In Reality! 
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Everyone’s talking about the “New Normal”. I hear many people saying how nothing about the way we were living ever was normal in the first place. There was no home and no family. What was the facade of a home was just a “shell” of a place. Families ate their meals on the run, their cars running, breathing in the exhaust from the vehicle ahead them, just to get something called “food”, but was it really? And how many of us, my generation included, never had the experience of growing anything, save for something in grade one that we can’t even remember.
Back in May of 2020, I read a question that was posed to Michael Laitman who…

Show A Little Inspiration,

Show A Little Spark.

Show The World An Act of Kindness,

When You Do -You Show Your Heart.

We've All Got Two Lives to Live,

One We're Given,

The Other We Make.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words,

Show A Little Heart.


Birthday's Are Special Days.

We're Sure You Already Know, 
The Birth Of Another Year, 
Another Chance To Grow.

Your Birthday Is A Special Day, 
A Chance To Pause And Reflect.

You May Look Back With Sorrow, 
You May Look Forward Unchecked.

Birthday's Are Special,
As Each One Starts Anew, 
Remember To Think Of Others, 
But Work On Making Your Dreams Come True.

Please Keep in Touch with Family, 
Friends, Neighbours As Well.

Especially In This Broken And Changing World.


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Bear Lake, McLeod Lake, Salmon Valley, Summit Lake.

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