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Feb 14, 2021, 2:27 PM
It can happen. The very act of pouring a pure cold glass of water from the antique pitcher into a fine crystal glass and then drinking it down, cold and flowing as deep as if drinking from the eternal wellspring of life. It can happen. The very act of stooping at the familiar and safe creek, where the water rushes fast and is as cold as arctic, yes, ancient arctic, all the while, stooping, then kneeling like a child on its way, learning to crawl and then with fine wonder of the water itself and something else, the hands serve as well as the antique pitcher and crystal glass-- they cup themselves round in grateful attribution, they immerse as handmade vessels that transport the clear hydrogen-oxygen in through the lips, down into the soul of the living vessel. It can happen that an everyday act of cranking at the tap, thrusting it as it were, in a morning rush, into the too familiar bathroom cup that needs cleaning, anyhow; but still, it can happen that this, too, can be raised to a sacred act, if only, to give pause, a moment. And Kavanah.
Feb 14, 2021, 2:13 PM
So much can be made well again if we come into harmony with nature. I’m appreciative of the unification efforts by world unity groups who understand that our world is ONE (Echad) and creating artificial boundaries only hurts us all. You know, there are Monarch Butterflies that travel all the way from Mexico to far up north, even as far as Bear Lake’s parallel and then back again south before winter and when I think of that, I wonder how we could ever be in the position we are now, with so much lack of tolerance and respect for other human beings. Here’s an except from Rav Michael Laitman’s article as Published on Medium entitled, A Reality of Uncertainty I like to watch TV shows about nature.
Feb 14, 2021, 12:30 PM
If you think of your ancestors, who or what comes to mind? People far away removed in time?Long forgotten remnants of bygone years? Mere shadows of what was? It turns out that their problems, their realities, are actually existing in some form with you now. There are positives and negatives to all of this. And there’s much scientific evidence to be had on the subject of genetic memory, but to give one simple, if sad example: In a scientific experiment, mice were exposed to the scent of cherry blossoms, at which time, they were electrically shocked upon exposure, in a series of repetitions. In the next generation of mice, the ones not shocked upon exposure to the scent of the blossoms, they had been born with a pre-existing phobia when exposed to the scent of cherry blossoms.
Feb 14, 2021, 12:16 PM
You’ve probably heard of the term, “homeschooling”, but have you heard of “unschooling”? If you think about it. Learning should be life-long. It shouldn’t begin at a certain time and end as the clock dictates. Learning is fluid, non-linear and individual. It should be passionate and alive with the curiosity born in everyone. From the site, Zen Habits, (I’ll put a link below), in an article written by Leo Babauta, he offers nice nuggets of wisdom to give a little sampler of some of the attributes that “unschooling” might contain, but again, unschooling is about freedom to learn, the possibilities are so riveting, it makes for interesting discussion on future trends in education.
Feb 14, 2021, 11:35 AM
I give thankful gratitude for some of the following information...There has been some controversy over the word, "amen" as used in English prayer. I suspect it's owing to the sad fact that many a young person, deprived of prayer and any opportunity to practice their chosen or inherited faith have limited understanding. Indeed "amen" does sound like "a man", but the Hebrew word for man is Hoo and the Hebrew word for woman is Hee. I know! I had a hard time with that one, too. You can even make jokes about it. Who is Hee? She is. That's who. And Me means Who? But I'm way too much digressing.
Feb 14, 2021, 11:17 AM
What the ‘Internet of Things’ is in the easiest definition I can offer: Is basically “a connection point to the internet”, thereby allowing it to be connected to your existing cell phone, home computer, a computer at work or anything else on the internet. Specifically, it refers to the multitude of devices and applications that are becoming increasingly pervasive in our society and how these things can work or be connected together. The development and engineering of these interfaces allows them to speak to one another as well as the internet and the engineering departments that created them. Unfortunately, it also allows them to be-hacked and in some cases be used for things they were not initially meant to be used for ̶ even for ill intent.
Feb 14, 2021, 10:44 AM
Govern Mental Hoola Hoopla. If you haven’t already heard, it was created by the Canadian Government at around the “turn of times” as I’ll call it. The time before the Covid announcement. The program of which I am referring was something exciting, of economic significance, or so it seemed.. To my humble knowledge and memory, I had first heard about it sometime at the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020 as announced on the news. Let me just say, that I have no idea if the program is actually dead, I’m still waiting to hear something back from a recent email, but from my point of view, it surely seems to be so.
Feb 14, 2021, 10:11 AM
Many residents in small(er) BC communities have criticised recycling initiatives in BC for not collecting all or sometimes any materials in their communities. Some of those communities have also seen items which were previously taken suddenly no longer accepted. Many rural areas now require residents to drive their recyclable items an hour or more into larger centres to bins or the dump which already gets significant use due to increased population in the larger centres. In some communities the number of bins have in recent years been reduced. In other cases due to isolated vandalism, the bins have been take away completely. Our community, it seems is one of those. When Our Community Commission first asked about our last bin, we were told it needed to be repaired. Then after a couple of months we asked again and were told the repair wasn’t complete due to the whole COVID thing. A few weeks back we again decided we needed to ask, and today, we were told it's not coming back because it has needed multiple repairs in the last few years and our use is lower than many other places.
Feb 14, 2021, 9:44 AM
I’ve witnessed a lot of gimmicks in my life, but the biggest of all is how they’ve faked time. They’ve done it with everything. Home improvement books offer DIY’s “Weekend Projects” that can’t possibly be completed in a weekend unless you’re a pro in the field or have a team of people working with you and for some amazing miracle, you have all the necessary equipment to get the job done. Then there are those sit coms on what used to be called television-- the ones with the imaginary families who have loads of time to sit around cracking jokes. I remember hearing one sad mother on a radio talk program. She lamented over the fact that her teenage daughter had grown up with a completely false perception. Her daughter had cried, “Why can’t our family be like that?!”
Feb 14, 2021, 9:03 AM
Can I ask you a serious question? Where are you in front of a computer screen, in a body, in your home, in a city, somewhere else on the planet? Are you in love, in pain? What is all this stuff that you see and you feel? What's it for? Where are you and why are you there? If you   really think about it, it's pretty clear that the answer to those questions holds the answer to every other possible question. And the only thing preventing us from getting the answer is the way we perceive reality. Because if we could see it for what it really is, then we would know for sure where we came from, what we are, where we're going and why everything happens.