We live in a world full of systems; 'health, political, education, policing..

Dave SW

4/10/20233 min read

Standing alone; in a crowd, trying to make things count; working up the nerve, we've been here before; although no one remembers.

Our lives, mankind's life; is subjective at best. We live in a world full of systems; 'Health, Political, Education, Judicial...' each one designed we are told for our own good, so ... will work better for everyone.

The countdown starts: At the dawn of mankind, we have evidence that there were individuals and families and groups of families. Humans lived and worked together to make things as well as possible. We needed water, food, shelter, and the companionship of others close to us, to make it through the day. All systems were a go: But were we sure?

Control is not convinced: At some point what was the right and wrong way began to change. The simple way of life working with and for others wasn't enough; As time went on, most of what took place control became more invasive into daily life. Existence alone is what many began to feel was what we had, watching in a trance, following orders, towing the line.
Our experiential life has become one in which a few believe nothing should be left to chance.

The Count goes on: 4,3,2,1... At this point in time, our lives have more systems than ever before. Accept or be forced to accept. Drifting, Falling: Often in seeming less and endless forward motion. The societal construct of systems has ballooned through history. All the while a small percentage of the world's population has maintained control, a small group who realized they could have more of what everyone strives for simply by adopting a ‘Me Attitude’ and convincing others that by following them they can also have more.

The second stage is cut: Currently, our world has more systems in place than at any other time in history, some of which date back thousands of years, like our banking system. Newer ones from the last hundred or so years such as the judicial and policing, and some quite new, medical and education. We're now in orbit: Stabilizers up, life has become of so little value to some of those elite and their underlings that they seem to care little whether or not humankind can even move forward into the future. Data is being collected at a staggering pace to provide those in control with devious ways in which to convince us to follow along. What will it affect: When all is done, Humankind is a resilient and puzzling species, our basic attitudes, and feelings have changed little over the millennia, yet somehow, the me attitude seems to have caught hold, I believe to our detriment. There is a problem: We need to abort, Nothing could be further from the truth than thinking we (the populace) are in control at this point in time. Although we often think of ourselves as being in control, as witnessed by the expressive assemblies which take place regularly. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are told what to do when to do it, where to do it, how to do it, and even why we should do it. The 'IT' is whatever the elite parasites have determined is best for themselves.

Go to Rockets full: We're standing by. Our systems are broken and have been for a long, long time. Until we become determined or lucky enough to have or make a massive overhaul of every system in use, mankind is doomed to follow the footsteps of our ancestors, we are doomed to follow those who have and are being cajoled, deceived, enticed and forced into accepting things that were never meant to be. 4,3,2,1...: Earth Below us, Drifting, Falling. Then nothing more. The world is mourning.

Dave SW